Monday 22 February 2016

Where the wild things are

Rooiels, the favourite weekend hideaway, never fails to disappoint. If I were Bill Gates, I would buy up all this coastal land and put it into conservation but sadly much of it remains subject to the whims of developers and landowners. Yet, it's hard to believe that all this wildlife lies within just over an hour's drive of Cape Town. Although there are no pictures here of otters, leopard or the caracal, these too have been photographed here. Long may that be the case.

Proteas with their resident birdlife.

My namesakes, the red-winged starlings, make use of a boulder overlooking False Bay.

The klipspringers gave themselves away by their warning whistles. Look closely.

Many birders walk this road to find the Cape rockjumper (sadly, not this time).

A baboon on the look out for a gap

Terns in the foreground, cormorants at the back.

White-fronted plovers forage amid the kelp.

Nothing really beats that sunset over Cape Point.