Saturday 16 April 2016

Beach hideaway at the southern tip of Africa

A little house by the sea
There are some places that one should not write about because, after all, there are only 365 days in the year, 52 weekends in a year, and so many, many people in the world all after the same thing: a bit of seclusion. I recently spent a weekend at this beach hideaway on a farm close to the southern tip of Africa on an isolated stretch of coast. Where is it? You'll have to scroll down to the end to find out. But just in case you're thinking of visiting, let me list the 'negatives'.

1. There are some very sheer cliffs above the cottage so it's a steep walk down.

Sandstone cliffs
2. The cottage overlooks the southern ocean (next stop Antarctica) so you can expect to find all manner of things washed up on the beach and you might feel compelled to make something out of them.

Driftwood art
 3. Part of the beach is made up of these pebbles which can be hard on the feet. 

Nature's artwork
4. The accommodation isn't exactly luxury. There are three double rooms to the right with a long drop (far right). To the left of the long building is a kitchen and bathroom. The cottage to the far left also has a double bed.

Beach shack 
5. The owners don't like you making fires out of driftwood in the braai area because it cracks the brickwork, so you'll have to make your bonfire on the beach.

A beach bonfire in the making
6. Dogs are allowed. You might not like dogs.

Dog freedom
 7. The beach is endless and deserted. You might get lonely.

Dog and her man
 8. The only available reading matter is a bit damp and dog-eared.

Appropriate choice

9. It can be misty in the early mornings so you'll have to wait for the sun to peek its head above the horizon and you'll only have this view from your bed....

Low tide.
10. There's no internet or cellphone reception so you might have to play chess.

Chess game on the go.
11. And for those South Africans who remember, it kind of reminded me of this Laurika Rauch song (a bit retro, I know). 

So where is it? I guess I should say: It's a place called the Beach Shack on a farm called Koensrust on the southern Cape coast. Kind of a hop and a skip away from Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa. Don't tell anyone I told you.

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  1. Oh, HOW on earth can you keep this a secret!!! Would just LOVE to go there - with my dogs ....